Thursday, November 15, 2012

What we did today 11-15-12

Today once again we watched the ctd and recorded the data (we will be doing this for the rest of the trip). nothing much really, but today was interesting i have the 4am to noon shift so i got to see the sun rise and it looks really nice. I also saw many jelly fishes and dolphins. After my shift I went to go watch t.v. we were able to go kinda to the bottom and they have windows that your able to look out
 and it is called the bow dome.

 This is the sunrise i saw today :)

This is where some or most of us sit for our shifts and we look at the data and write it down in a log.

In the bow dome waiting for the dolphins to pass.

Dolphins that passed by.

Dolphins doing some tricks. couldn't really get a good picture.


  1. It is amazing how you were able to see dolphins in their habitat.

  2. The bow dome seems really cool; kinda like looking into another world on another planet, or something. really cool!