Friday, November 9, 2012

Essential Questions

1. What were three major geological events in the history of the earth?
   - 1. First humans
   - 2. Explosion of life form 
   - 3. Oxygen built upon earth. first multi-cell life.

2. How many ERA,EON (period and epochs) are there?
   - EON: 2
   - ERA: 5

3. What do you think are the differences between Era's and Eon's?
   - The difference is eon is the largest unit of geological time scale and era is the second largest.
 Eon the largest unit of geological time scale different on the basis of life.
Era the second largest unit of geological time scale that is different of the basis of geological changes earth has under-go. 

4. Why did scientist create ERA and EON in the first place?
    I think scientist created the ERA and EOn in the first place to describe the timing and relationships between events that have occurred throughout earths history.

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