Monday, December 3, 2012

Final Goodbyes

Today we said our final goodbyes. It was a great trip I had an awesome time and thank everyone for this opportunity. It was a great experience. It was fun getting to know all of you. Everything was just great and i would defenetly do it again sometime. STAY IN TOUCH!!!!

11-10-12 - 12-3-12

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Interview #3

Joe Martino

Joe cleans the ship and fixes what need to be fixed. basically a janitor at sea. Here is a little quote from joe "clean the ship, remove dust from the ship. makes sure the rust doesn't corrode beneath the feet of science" He has been working for about eight years. out of everything why this he said because it was the first job offered to him on a ship and just stuck with it. he has been to about every continent. he likes what he does.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

interview #2

Ruth Musgrave

1. What is your job?
- Ruth is a graduate student in physical oceanography. More of an occupation than a job she says.

2. What do you like best about your job?
- Finding things out. She really enjoys her job. She likes the people she works with and the academic environment. Is it never boring always learning something new. Pretty challenging but she likes it.

3. How often do you travel? if you travel.
- Depends on what is happening.

4. Where is one of your favorite place you have been too if you travel?
- She has two places that she enjoys, one is in Baja California in Mexico and the other is nuku hiva in french polynesia. it is a tiny place in the middle of the pacific and very beautiful.

Monday, November 26, 2012


Instead of talking about the ctd all the time and what we do I interviewed someone. I thought it might be more entertaining.

Josh Manger

1. What do you do?
- Research Technician, part of the ship board technical support. he helps the science party carry out their missions and also the safety officer.

2. What kind of training did you have to go through?
- None it is all on the job training. ( don't think anyone can just do it, you still need schooling and all that good stuff) In college he says he did something called s.e.a educational association. He highly recommends it. What you do is your on land for 6 weeks and sailing for 6 weeks.

3. What do you like best about your job?
- Traveling the world, has been to about eight different countries within three years.
                 (Taiwan, Fiji, South Africa, Mexico, Japan, Australia, Tonga, Thailand)

Question and answers #7

Today we recovered all three of the mooring. We did it a little earlier than they planned to. I guess the weather is suppose to get really bad around Tuesday afternoon or maybe Wednesday.
The recovery of the mooring... Trying to get a hook on the mooring to bring in the back and bring it on board. 
 yesterday we send down the cups. the before and after.

setting the mmp onto the dolly thing.

Q: Why are you guys going on a cruise?
A: The reason from the cruise is to get data from the bottom of the ocean. I think the scientist want to see the temperature and other things. How everything changes as you go deeper and deeper into the ocean

Q: What are you going to  do while your on the cruise?
A: We (the scientist) are going to send down instruments to the bottom of the ocean and see what kind of data they get.

Q: How did you like it? 
A: I really like it. It is a new experience I have learned so much and glad I was able to come. The whole trip is just great and a good thing to experience while still young.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Question and answers.

I have not done this in a while because we have been doing the ctd the whole time and will be doing it until the end of the trip. so i did not want to bored you guys with writing it all the time. so here are some questions and answers.

Q: How is the food on the ship?
A: The food on the ship is really great. The cooks make great food and is great at what they do.

Q: Are you ready to come home?
A: I don't really mind i am not home sick or anything.

Q: Are the people on the ship friendly?
A: Yes, the people are really friendly they make you feel comfortable and make you feel at home and like family.

Q: Have you seen any whales and other sea animals?
A: no i have not seen any whales but the captain and others have said they have seen whales. but i have seen dolphins, jellyfish, little fishes and a sun fish.

Q: Which activity that has been the most interesting for you and why?
A: i would say everything because in everything we do i learn something new and so much.

Q: How many people are there on the ship? (Approx)
A:  There is about 37 people on the ship but doing different things some are reztechs, the crew the science people, the cooks and others.

Q: Do you work in groups? What is the work of each person?
A: Yes we do work in groups the is about 4 or 5 people in each group. and i my group we switch off so someone is watching the ctd from the computer, the other is going out to watch the ctd to make sure it does not come out of the watter and then someone has have and does what ever they want. we switch every hour.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Question and Answers #6

Q: Whats the funnest thing to do on the ship?
A: i don't rally know probably watch movies or sleep. there is really nothing we can do

Q: Are you home sick?
A: no i am not home sick

Q: Have you seen any wild life on the trip
A: Yes i have seen some jelly fishes. the chief mate caught a squid, the captain and his cheif mate have seen whales and i have seen dolphins.

What we did today 11-17-12

Today again is the same we had a fire drill and we had races to see who could put on the survival suit on the fastest. the survival suit is in case we have to get off the boat if the fire is really bad.

Jonathan and i in the survival suits.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Question and Answers #5

Q: Are there going to be hutches?
A: ? ? ? ? ? ?

Q: Are you guys sleeping on the cruise?
A: Yes, I am able to sleep on the cruise

Q: Do you have chicken on the cruise to eat?
A: Yes we have chicken and have had chicken for dinner. The cooks are good they make great food.

What we did today 11-16-12

Today was the same with the ctd. I also learned how to tie knots.

This is the figure 8 knot

The butterfly knot

Bow line Knot

Sorry it is not much but ill try to post more things on the next blog.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Questions and Answers #4

Q: Around what time do you guys wake up?
A: I wake up at 4am because of my shift. but the later people could wake up at what ever time they want if they don't want breakfast.

Q: How do you guys charge your phones?
A: There is actually a bunch if connections all over the ship and in our rooms.

Q: What do you sleep on?
A: We sleep on beds. lol

Q: What kind of data does the mooring lines record?
A The moorings record velocity, Temperature, conductivity, and salinity.

What we did today 11-15-12

Today once again we watched the ctd and recorded the data (we will be doing this for the rest of the trip). nothing much really, but today was interesting i have the 4am to noon shift so i got to see the sun rise and it looks really nice. I also saw many jelly fishes and dolphins. After my shift I went to go watch t.v. we were able to go kinda to the bottom and they have windows that your able to look out
 and it is called the bow dome.

 This is the sunrise i saw today :)

This is where some or most of us sit for our shifts and we look at the data and write it down in a log.

In the bow dome waiting for the dolphins to pass.

Dolphins that passed by.

Dolphins doing some tricks. couldn't really get a good picture.

Question and Answers #3

Q: What kind of food are you eating on the boat?
A: The food is really good. Its like normal food that you would eat at home. Steak, pasta, patatos and many other. We have cooks who do a good job cooking.

Q: What kind of stuff are you doing on the boat , on the second week?
A: The second week is no different then what we are doing now. the whole time we are going watch the data from the ctd. and note everything like the information. they are  actually looking to find many things some for example are....
-Temperature    -salinity    -Oxygen    -Pressure    -Density and others.

These are some of the things the ctd measures

Q: What is your schedule for the day?
A: well the schedule depends on what shift you have i guess. I have the shift from 4am to noon. then i got the rest of the day to do what i want 7 is breakfast, 11:30 is lunch, and 5 is dinner but if you do skip a meal they put the left overs in the fridge or just go in and get the snacks they have.

Q: Are you scared the ship will sink?
A: No i am not scared the boat will sink. although it is a really big boat.

Q: Are you getting sea sick at all?
A: I don't know if it would be sea sick maybe it was but the first two day i did not feel good at all. i felt really dizzy and just horrible but then i got used to it.

What we did today 11-14-12

Today we put in another mooring and also a CTD. Which stands for Conductivity, Temperature, and Deep. So we have put in all the moorings we had wanted to put in and now its all about the ctd. There is three eight hour watches which is 4am to noon, noon to 8pm, 8pm to 4am. We watch numbers and note of what is going on.

loading the float

in the water and off it goes

edcp. they use this to measure the velocity (current speed)

down into the water it goes

These are the releaser which they have hooked onto the anchor. They have a code and with that they tell them when to release the anchor then everything comes back up.

This is the anchor. ready to drop it into they water and good bye it goes

Later at night the crew dropped the cdt (conductivity, Temperature, and deep)

 This is the CTD

Gettting ready to put the ctd into the water

This is used for Tension, Payout, and speed. This is placed out side so the person that goes out side ,when the ctd hits a certain deepth they head out to make sure nothing goes wrong or it does not come out of the water, they are able to look at it i guess.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Question and Answers #2

Q: I've noticed your pillows are pretty small and may not fully support your neck. Do you guys receive another pillow?
A: Actually we got two pillows. well in my room it had two pillows but i brought my own.

Q: What is the purpose of measuring conductivity?
A: The purpose for measuring conductivity is what they use to calculate salinity and just one of the main things they use.

Q:  So because the captain showed you some controls of the boat, would you be able to take over for the captain in some sort of emergency?
A: No i would not be able to because there is other people who also drive the boat. The captain and the mates are the ones in charge of the boat. so if there was to be any kind of emergency the mates would take over.
- Captain: Dave Murline
- 1st mate: David cook
- 2nd mate: Heather Galiher
- 3rd mate: Eugene Chae

What we did today 11-13-12

Today we put in moorings into the water (about 6:45AM). Mooring is an instrument that we put into the water which contains floating elements. The floating elements is what we use to keep all the instruments strait and they also contain temperature loggers. The moorings will measure velocity which is the direction of the water flow and the speed. They also will get the temperature, Pressure, and salinity and with that we get our density. The moorings are to the bottom of the ocean held by an anchor and we will pick these back up on our way back to land. The way we will get the moorings back is by the releaser it will release it from the anchor and they will pop right back up.

 This is one of the first things we put in. It is called the beacon. They call home through a satellite.

Second we dropped that big orange circle. That is called a float they used it to keep the mooring up right.

Then we put more floating things.

Then followed by a adcp. we used that to measure the velocity.

All in the water.

Later in the night like around (8:45 - 9:30) we dropped xbt <---- I think. to measure the temperature

These are the xbt <--- I think

Some of the other putting in the xbt.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Question And Answers

Q: Where do you guys sleep?
A: We have our own rooms but share bathrooms with the same gender.

This is my room.  

This is my bed.

Q: Is it Comfortable?
A: I think it's comfortable. With the motion of the boat
and the rocking I think its pretty nice.

Q: Are the people friendly and nice?
A: The people are really nice they treat you like your
family and they make you feel really comfortable.

Ship Conrtols

I was able to go up to the ridge with the captain. I was looking for whales while I was waiting he told me a little about how to control the ship and what some things are.
This is what they use for autopilot.

There are the controls.
The red dotted line is our track.
The autopilot goes by this. That is
the rout we are taking. we are traveling
on the dotted line.

I forgot what this is called but it picks up other boats. It tells their location and possibly where they are heading. It also tells if the boat is moving or it is still so other boats know to go around. They are required by law to have it.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Essential Questions

1. What were three major geological events in the history of the earth?
   - 1. First humans
   - 2. Explosion of life form 
   - 3. Oxygen built upon earth. first multi-cell life.

2. How many ERA,EON (period and epochs) are there?
   - EON: 2
   - ERA: 5

3. What do you think are the differences between Era's and Eon's?
   - The difference is eon is the largest unit of geological time scale and era is the second largest.
 Eon the largest unit of geological time scale different on the basis of life.
Era the second largest unit of geological time scale that is different of the basis of geological changes earth has under-go. 

4. Why did scientist create ERA and EON in the first place?
    I think scientist created the ERA and EOn in the first place to describe the timing and relationships between events that have occurred throughout earths history.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram

1. Why is the Hertzsprung Russell Diagram important to the astronomy?
  -Astronomers are able to determine the values and many other characteristics that are of interest to both scientist and the public.

2. What are the two qualities of a star does the HR Diagram measure? And how does the diagram do this?
  -Temperature and absolute value.

3.Wher on the diagram would our sun be found?
  - Our sun would be found about in 5 thousand Kelvin and 5+ Magnitude.

Haiku: Sizes And Differences In Space

very big plantes,
                                                             They come in different sizes,
                                                                      In the universe.

My haiku is explaing how our universe has many different plantes. and each plantes are
 different is sizes some are big and some are small.