Thursday, November 15, 2012

What we did today 11-14-12

Today we put in another mooring and also a CTD. Which stands for Conductivity, Temperature, and Deep. So we have put in all the moorings we had wanted to put in and now its all about the ctd. There is three eight hour watches which is 4am to noon, noon to 8pm, 8pm to 4am. We watch numbers and note of what is going on.

loading the float

in the water and off it goes

edcp. they use this to measure the velocity (current speed)

down into the water it goes

These are the releaser which they have hooked onto the anchor. They have a code and with that they tell them when to release the anchor then everything comes back up.

This is the anchor. ready to drop it into they water and good bye it goes

Later at night the crew dropped the cdt (conductivity, Temperature, and deep)

 This is the CTD

Gettting ready to put the ctd into the water

This is used for Tension, Payout, and speed. This is placed out side so the person that goes out side ,when the ctd hits a certain deepth they head out to make sure nothing goes wrong or it does not come out of the water, they are able to look at it i guess.


  1. Julie! It sounds like you're learning a lot, post some pictures of you and some friends.

  2. Hey, how do you guys get to post pictures? Do you guys like have your own personal cameras or something?

  3. yeah most of us have our cameras or phones then we upload them to the computer and they also have a share file so your able to get photos from there