Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Energy Flows Through The Ecosystem

1. A) As examples of primary producers are, and B) how do they get their energy
- They get their energy through solar energy  to produce organic plant materials through photosynthesis.

2. A) The second trophic level is made up of what creatures? B) From where do they get there energy?
- They get their energy through herbivores which feed souly on plants.

3. Why do predators make up the third trophic level?
- The predators feed at several trophic levels.

Animal Habitat Structure

1. How does eelgrass density influence abundance of species in an ecosystem?
- With more eelgrass the more animals and less eelgrass less animals. When the eelgrass is more dense the ecosystem becomes biodiverse.

2. Website to support thesis.
-  http://www.mass.gov/czm/coastlines/2004-2005/habitat/e_grass.htm
-  http://buzzardsbay.org/eelgrass.htm


Friday, April 19, 2013

Introduction into San Diego Bay

1. Sa diego is... (location, size, fact)
-San diego is located on the coast of the pacific ocean in southern california. With a population of 1,326,179 and is the 8th largest city in the united states

2. What type of activities occur on the bay?
-There is navy ships and ship ports

3. How and where on the bay is salt made?
-Salt is made through evaporation and on the edge of chula vista.

4. Where is the SD national wild life refuge complex located?
-In South San Diego in the largest mud flats.

Ocean Water And Climate Change

1. Which is more dense? Ocean water or fresh water?
- Ocean water. 2.5% more dense then fresh water. It is more dense due to the salt

2. How would global warming change water at the poles and the equator?
-At the poles the ice is going to melt and he equator will be affected by the increase of sea level.

Surface Water And Global Temperature

1. Thermal Inertia: San Francisco and NorFolk Virginia are on the same latitude. Why would NorFolk compared to San Francisco Have armer summers and cooler winers.
- San Francisco has air from the ocean while NorFolk has it from land

2. Describe the different ways temperature and moderate on earth . Without moderate temperature earth could not support life as we know it.
-Distance from ocean
-Water vapor
-Higher humidities = Moderate temperature 


Thermal Characteristics Of Water

1. Are heat and temperature same or different?
- They are different. Temperature is the measurement of kinetic energy. Heat is total energy

2. What is the heat capacity?
- The number of heat units needed to raise the temperature of a body by one degree.

3. How is the capacity of water unique?
- It is like a sponge. It is how much heat an object can absorb before it increases in temperature.

4. How does water temperature affect its density?
-The warmer the water the less dense. The cooler the denser.