Thursday, November 15, 2012

Question and Answers #3

Q: What kind of food are you eating on the boat?
A: The food is really good. Its like normal food that you would eat at home. Steak, pasta, patatos and many other. We have cooks who do a good job cooking.

Q: What kind of stuff are you doing on the boat , on the second week?
A: The second week is no different then what we are doing now. the whole time we are going watch the data from the ctd. and note everything like the information. they are  actually looking to find many things some for example are....
-Temperature    -salinity    -Oxygen    -Pressure    -Density and others.

These are some of the things the ctd measures

Q: What is your schedule for the day?
A: well the schedule depends on what shift you have i guess. I have the shift from 4am to noon. then i got the rest of the day to do what i want 7 is breakfast, 11:30 is lunch, and 5 is dinner but if you do skip a meal they put the left overs in the fridge or just go in and get the snacks they have.

Q: Are you scared the ship will sink?
A: No i am not scared the boat will sink. although it is a really big boat.

Q: Are you getting sea sick at all?
A: I don't know if it would be sea sick maybe it was but the first two day i did not feel good at all. i felt really dizzy and just horrible but then i got used to it.


  1. It is interesting to know what goes on in the boat and hopefully you will learn something from this experience!

  2. Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions and sharing this great experience!

  3. Julie. I need a picture of you on the ship for the school district. Please post one or send one to Thanks!