Tuesday, November 13, 2012

What we did today 11-13-12

Today we put in moorings into the water (about 6:45AM). Mooring is an instrument that we put into the water which contains floating elements. The floating elements is what we use to keep all the instruments strait and they also contain temperature loggers. The moorings will measure velocity which is the direction of the water flow and the speed. They also will get the temperature, Pressure, and salinity and with that we get our density. The moorings are to the bottom of the ocean held by an anchor and we will pick these back up on our way back to land. The way we will get the moorings back is by the releaser it will release it from the anchor and they will pop right back up.

 This is one of the first things we put in. It is called the beacon. They call home through a satellite.

Second we dropped that big orange circle. That is called a float they used it to keep the mooring up right.

Then we put more floating things.

Then followed by a adcp. we used that to measure the velocity.

All in the water.

Later in the night like around (8:45 - 9:30) we dropped xbt <---- I think. to measure the temperature

These are the xbt <--- I think

Some of the other putting in the xbt.

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