Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Question and Answers #2

Q: I've noticed your pillows are pretty small and may not fully support your neck. Do you guys receive another pillow?
A: Actually we got two pillows. well in my room it had two pillows but i brought my own.

Q: What is the purpose of measuring conductivity?
A: The purpose for measuring conductivity is what they use to calculate salinity and just one of the main things they use.

Q:  So because the captain showed you some controls of the boat, would you be able to take over for the captain in some sort of emergency?
A: No i would not be able to because there is other people who also drive the boat. The captain and the mates are the ones in charge of the boat. so if there was to be any kind of emergency the mates would take over.
- Captain: Dave Murline
- 1st mate: David cook
- 2nd mate: Heather Galiher
- 3rd mate: Eugene Chae