Monday, November 26, 2012

Question and answers #7

Today we recovered all three of the mooring. We did it a little earlier than they planned to. I guess the weather is suppose to get really bad around Tuesday afternoon or maybe Wednesday.
The recovery of the mooring... Trying to get a hook on the mooring to bring in the back and bring it on board. 
 yesterday we send down the cups. the before and after.

setting the mmp onto the dolly thing.

Q: Why are you guys going on a cruise?
A: The reason from the cruise is to get data from the bottom of the ocean. I think the scientist want to see the temperature and other things. How everything changes as you go deeper and deeper into the ocean

Q: What are you going to  do while your on the cruise?
A: We (the scientist) are going to send down instruments to the bottom of the ocean and see what kind of data they get.

Q: How did you like it? 
A: I really like it. It is a new experience I have learned so much and glad I was able to come. The whole trip is just great and a good thing to experience while still young.

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  1. cool thats awesome that you already sent the cups :)