Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Economic Importance of Marine Sediments

1. What are some products that come from sediments?
-The materials for building roads and structures. Toothpaste, paint and swimming pool filters.

2. How much of the world's energy comes from sediments?
-1/3 of oil and gas come from the deposits of continental margins.

3. How important is sand and gravel?
-Sand and gravel are important because they value more than $510 million dollars.

1. In what ways are sediments classified?
-Clastic, biochemical, or chemical precipitate.

2. List the types of marine sediments , Explain -
Lithogenous - they are formed by the weathering process. They are made up of small particles of rocks and oceanic volcanoes.

Biogenous - They are formed from the past life forms such as bones/teeth.
Hydrogenous - They are formed by minerals from the ocean's water by resulting into new minerals.

Hydrogenous - They are formed by precipitation of minerals from the ocean water.

Cosmogenous - They are formed by the nature surroundings and the sediments remains of large bodies of space materials such as comets and asteroids.

3. Where are sediments thickest? Are any areas of the ocean floor free of sediments?
-Continental slopes and rises is where sediments are thickest. There aren't any areas of the ocean floor free of sediments.

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