Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Hydrothermal Vents

1. What exactly was described as " the biggest biological discovery on earth?" 
- What was described was several stories high with black minerals and nutriants. 

2. Where in the ocean was the discovery?
- The discovery was found in the pacific ocean.

3. What was interesting about the tube worms?
- When the tube worms were cut open they would bleed like human.

4. How are species able to survive without sunlight? What is the process? 
- They survive off a bacteria that duplicates in the dark and is called kemo synthesis.

5. Where on earth are hydrothermal vents?
- They are found all over the world.

6. Describe the theory of how life on earth may have been hydrothermal vents?
- The theory is the underwater volcanos might have began on the vent site of life on earth.

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