Monday, May 27, 2013

Nine major animal phyla

1.list all nine major animal phyla, and an example image of animal in the phlya.
*porifera                       *annelida
*colenterata                *arthropoda
*platyhelminthes      *mollusca
*nematod               *echinodermata

2.what type of habitat can these species be found?
~Porifera-found in aquatic habitat.
~Colenetrata-found in marine habitat.
~platyhelminthes&nematoda-found in fresh and salt water terrestrial land.
~annelida, molluscs, and chordata- found in marine, fresh water, and terrestrial land.
~arthropoda-found in all enviroments.
~echinodermata-found in ocean floor.

3. How does the species digest food?
~platyhelmunthes&coelenterata have incomplete digestive system. (one opening)
~echinodermata, annelida, and nematoda have a complete digestive syatem. (two openings)

4. Have you seen an example of a species in phyla? Explain where and what Tue situation is.
~ no

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