Monday, October 29, 2012

Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram

1. Why is the Hertzsprung Russell Diagram important to the astronomy?
  -Astronomers are able to determine the values and many other characteristics that are of interest to both scientist and the public.

2. What are the two qualities of a star does the HR Diagram measure? And how does the diagram do this?
  -Temperature and absolute value.

3.Wher on the diagram would our sun be found?
  - Our sun would be found about in 5 thousand Kelvin and 5+ Magnitude.

Haiku: Sizes And Differences In Space

very big plantes,
                                                             They come in different sizes,
                                                                      In the universe.

My haiku is explaing how our universe has many different plantes. and each plantes are
 different is sizes some are big and some are small.